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Career forum for postdocs and junior academics

The Karriereforum is an annual event at Technische Universität Dortmund which addresses advanced young academics of all disciplines.


This one-day event offers postdocs and junior academics comprehensive information and intensive discussions with high-ranking experts in industry and the sciences. In a concentrated form it presents opportunities for individual career planning. It also offers the chance for exchanging ideas with experienced people about higher education policy and career planning at an elevated level. In addition, the Karriereforum offers interdisciplinary networking with other academics in the Ruhr area. You can choose between different activities to create your own individual schedule. 

Group discussions
Topic rounds are small discussion groups with 5-15 participants. The focus is not on the lecture but on the intensive exchange between the participants, the transfer of information, and the “out of school”- talks. You have the opportunity to ask questions in small groups and discuss with the other participants and high-ranking experts. 


One to one counselling sessions
The one to one counselling sessions are individual talks, which last about 20 minutes, with representatives of companies and research facilities. You can get in contact with company representatives beyond a regular job interview, represent yourself, and receive information about possible career entries. You can also be counselled by selected research facilities regarding your individual questions.

Top priorities of the Karriereforum